GROUNDS was founded from necessity and the story starts with our coffee manufacturer, Java House. Java House is a coffee company created in 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. They manufacture and distribute coffee products through grocery stores, retailers, and e-retailers as well as their brick and mortar stores. Being the manufacturer, they brew millions and millions of gallons of coffee and then would have to throw away the millions and millions pounds of grounds. There needed to be a better solution to just throwing away all those grounds!

We set out to find a use for these spent coffee grounds and after about 1 year of product testing in several different types of product industries, we stumbled upon animal bedding! We found it masked the odor of your poultry’s living area, it doesn’t break down into dust, it’s super easy to clean up with, and it’s compostable!

We’ve already saved hundreds of thousands of pounds of coffee from going to the landfill! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop on where our bedding will be available!